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Some media manipulators have made the Cursing Stone a cause célèbre. It has become an icon for the justification of a curse.


The ’Stone’ was only one of the occult  items associated with the City of Carlisle’s Millennium Project known as the Gateway City Project. A Pagan god, a genius loci, an underpass that honours people who were infamous for their evil, a proposal to create glass pyramids and of course the curses of Archbishop Gavin Dunbar were all in the melting pot. All such things to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace have caused an offence to God. It is the offence to God that brings the curse - not the curse of Gavin Dunbar.


Nevertheless Dunbar’s curse, the Pagan god, genius loci and the underpass of the evil dead with its stone of curses also have individual spiritual dynamics.

However - it is the offence to God that carries the greater spiritual dynamic.


The media myth included concocting the lie that the ‘stone’ has ‘magical’ powers. It doesn’t, but it has become an evil object and the focus of witchcraft ritual.


The ‘stone’ misrepresents the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dunbar’s curse is a sin. Jesus said ‘love your enemy’ and the Apostle Paul said ‘bless and do not curse’. However, Dunbar took the easy way out and cursed his enemies.