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The Cursing Stone    

It is wrong to use a curse as a tourist attraction. A curse calls upon supernatural intervention upon the subject of the curse.

More important, than the actual words of the curse carved into stone, is the fact that to celebrate the Millennium of Christ’s birth in such a way, was an insult to Jesus and to his Father in Heaven.

Consequently, in preferring the occult use of a pagan god and a curse rather than honour the Holy Spirit, God has allowed the the County of Cumbria to experience the consequences of the City of Carlisle choosing curses, rather than blessings and preferring a pagan god to Almighty God.

If you insulted your dad he wouldn’t stop loving you, but because he loved you, he would correct you. He’d show you that there is a consequence. He would not reward you. However, if you apologised and tried to undo the hurt, your dad would show his love in a way that would please you. It’s not rocket science. If you insult God, you will pay a price, unless you repent.

Death and destruction are becoming a bye word for Cumbria since Carlisle’s Millennium Project involved the creation of three glass pyramids (abandoned due to public resistance) and a Cursing Stone and a pagan god logo. The stone and the curse carved into it have become an Omen Stone. The City of Carlisle is in danger. This site is an effort to try and inform people, to warn them, to save them.

For our efforts we have been misrepresented in the press and the media worldwide. Why has there been such a disproportionate reaction of bullying, abuse and other methods of persecution?

The media said the stone had 'magical powers' - we said that it was the curse that was the problem, not the stone, but since the curse is carved into the stone, the stone must be destroyed. The media preferred their own story as did those intent upon keeping the 'stone'.

They then condemned the Christians, for bringing ridicule upon the city, when it was the press who had misrepresented them and caused the religious hatred. Nero did something similar to the Christians in Rome and Goebels did something similar to the Jews in Germany.

The Cursing Stone represents an insult to God. The curse misrepresents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "love your enemies", yet the Archbishop Gavin Dunbar sinned when he cursed them and their offspring into perpetuity.

Those with no understanding of the supernatural, (including some Christian leaders), and perhaps the deliberate scheming of some people involved in occult craft, have associated the City of Carlisle with the dark side of the occult, by either endorsing some of Carlisle's Millennium occult activities as harmless tourist attractions, or by passing bye on the other side.

The consequences however, continue to haunt the city that continues to curse itself.