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The Pagan god    

The Millennium referred to the birth of Jesus who is regarded by billions of Christians as the Living God. However, the City of Carlisle, placed the face of a pagan god on their Millennium Logo. The city also celebrated the Millennium by carving a curse into stone.


God said that we should have no other gods before Him. See Exodus 20:3


In AD 1998 a Christian predicted that the City of Carlisle would offend God if it placed the pagan god on its logo and created a ‘cursing stone’ with some words carved into it from an ancient curse. He warned that their would be dire consequences. Time proved him right as disaster followed calamity. Some of the media ridiculed, abused and incited religious hatred against the Christian and other Christians who campaigned to stop the pagan god logo and the use of a curse to attract tourists.


Genius Loci

The face on the City of Carlisle’s Millennium Logo was a computerised graphic derived from the head of a stone god that was unearthed during excavations close to what is now the Radio Cumbria building on Castle Way, in Carlisle.

The stone god represented a genius loci evil spirit.

So what? Well, city officials decided to float Carlisle’s Millennium Project as the ‘Spirit of Carlisle’ therebye directly marrying the genius loci to the citizens of Carlisle, since the logo represented the citizens of Carlisle.

So what, pagans are a growing religion and entitled to be represented? True. They pay taxes and vote and make our world go around like any other religious people.

The problem was that nobody was telling the citizens of Carlisle what was happening. Even when the truth was given to a reporter, the newspaper still referred to the object as a Roman figurine therebye diffusing the identity of the object.

It took a prolonged campaign by a Christian who began a petition, who was misrepresented and abused, before the logo was abandoned.