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Frequently Asked Questions    
Some questions do not have an answer, but lead to another question. Better to ask questions than waste a life answering nothing.     

Surely it is mental illness to believe what this site explains?

Is praying to an invisible God, or god's, normal? Billions are doing it. Also - a well educated and articulate communications officer and cleric for the diocese of Carlisle reffered to a Christian campaigner as 'bonkers'. The cleric regards himself as a liberal thinker, who engages with leaders of other faiths and respects such people Hindus who worship monkey's and the like. Yet he was willing to demean another Christian of a minority belief, by reffering to him as 'bonkers'. The Russian establishment once used to place dissidents in mental institutions, for believing in God enough to face persecution. If a member of the Christian establishment will not tolerate another Christian's genuine view, what hope is their?

Ok, a lot of seriously bad things have happened in Carlisle, but that's life, isn't it?

Sometimes coincidences are too coincidental to be a coincidence.

Are you saying there has been a conspiracy?

The word conspiracy had not occurred to me untill a local reporter tried to goad me into suggesting such a thing. Consider this. Two people sit together over a pint in a local pub and plan an assault that will deprive a human being of quality of life. That is a called a conspiracy and it is a criminal act. Perversely, two or more people sit around a desk in a respectable office and plan to undermine, misrepresent, ridicule and condemn unjustly another human being. The victim is then hated by some members of the public, who take action against the victim. That is called an editorial committee meeting and their lawyers and deep pockets and connections in the establishment make them above the law. Which 'conspiracy' do you think is the most frightening?

We live in a free democracy and aren't people entitled to want pagan god's and cursing stones?

Yes. Trouble is that the public were not told that a pagan god was on their Millennium Logo, until a local Christian started asking questions and blew the whistle. The public were also misled about the curse and misled about what the objectors to the use of the curse believed and wanted. If everything was above board, why was there so much hidden from the public? Is our democracy not undermined when those with hidden agendas manipulate the public? The objectors were a minority group and they were persecuted by the media and the politcians, alike. Is that democracy?

Do you think Carlisle United are cursed?

No-one said they were. The teams relegation out of the League was just one of many unhappy events to befall the City of Carlisle. The local reporter decided to interpret that as Carlisle United were cursed. If that was his genuine belief, why did he not also say that Cavaghans and Rathbones were cursed because of what happened to them?
Why did he not say that the baby was cursed because he had his throat slashed by his own father, or that the father was cursed for murdering his own child?
Why did he not say that the farming community were cursed because of foot and mouth? Why did he not say that all the people who have been affected by calamity in Carlisle since the Millennium were cursed?
The truth is that saying Carlisle United were cursed was a media hype that served to ridicule the Christians and undermine their genuine concerns as regards what was happening to Carlisle. The inaccurate press reports served to support those who want a curse as a tourist attraction and who want a curse to be seen as a legitimate and proper way to behave. ie. to curse those you hate. Do you want to live in a society where cursing is the norm, rather than reformation, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, compassion, education, etc.?