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An Alignment of Coincidences

                                  written by Alexander Messenger


In 1999 only the Rt Reverend John Brewer, the (then) Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, whose Diocese included Cumbria, could see the danger. Was that because he was outside of the county? John became very ill and died. He wrote to me the following encouragement...


“I, too, am appalled by the pagan spirit which seems to permeate those responsible for the celebration of the Millennium in Carlisle. I am in discussion with other church leaders and particularly Bishop Harland over the proposed Cursing Stone. He is also in touch with the present Cardinal Archbishop of Glasgow about it. can be quite sure that I support your opposition to what is proposed.” John Brewer 16th February AD 1999.


The prophetic warnings were rejected and only Rev’d Ireton of St Michael’s church Stanwix was willing to speak out. In a city with over forty churches and fellowships and over 100 clergymen and Elders, only one vicar was prepared to speak out. Two years later Rev’d Davies of All Saints, Scotby spoke out. Some Churches Together leaders also gently presented their concerns and backed off.


The author continued with his message and as each disaster came and went, his message was rejected. Eventually he himself was rejected by some church leaders, as was his ecumenical ministry.

The messenger decided to write a book and put in one place all the information that the media and some very important people suppressed. The book was began in the Autumn of 2006.

The message of the book is simple.

What has been done, must be undone if Cumbria is to avoid more avoidable disasters, destruction and death.


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